sreda, 06. februar 2019

Cap? Ou pas cap?

The best way to do something is just to do it now. I tell this myself every day ten times a day if I have to. I am your typical adventure babe that will go crazy if being at home for too long. Don't need fancy gifts, don't want your money, I just want a partner in adventure crimes. Someone who will pack things in 5 minutes and take me somewhere. Doesn't even have to be far or expensive.

This was taken by my number 1 favourite place in my home town. So many childhood memories from this place and I still spend almost every day here when I am almost 23! Nothing changes.
But if we go back to my first thought. The best way to do something is just to do it now. At this very second. I think about this advice I made up a lot and most of the times I get the idea to go out of my Mengeš house and just go somewhere. With a car. By walking. With the dogs. Doesn't matter as long as it is right now and I know I will remember this moment forever, even when I will be 90 and my dementia will kick in.

The worst thing in my opinion is to miss out on the days that could be wonderful. I want to grow up with zero regrets and tell my dog children that I did so many crazy things and I've seen so many beautiful places and met funny people and helped in any way I could.

I've never looked uglier but I was covered in dirt and was wet from the puddles. Ugly or not, this picture brings so much joy because I remember how dirty everyone was and how much we enjoyed it. Zero care was given that day. Days I live for!
But honestly I get it, I have multiple moods and sometimes going out is the last thing on my mind. There are days I just want to lay in bed and watch GIRLS with Orca or days when I edit pictures 4 hours in a row or when we watch cartoons all night and days when I want to retire from blogging. And then again I remember how much joy it brought into my life and how happy it still makes me feel and how much I got out of it. Adventure is not going out everyday to look for new places. It is sometimes doing what feels right, even if it is nothing ''impressive''.

2018 was amazing! One of the best years of my life. And I promised myself that everyday I will do something I have never done before. Could be big or small. (Okay, I hear myself, I know it sounds dirty!) And so far I am so glad that I decided to do this.

DARE! (Cap!)
Dare to go.
Dare to live the way you want.
Dare to be responsible for your own happiness!
Do what you want.
Stop waiting for something that is never going to happen on itself.

DISCLAIMER: I may or may not be listening to 1D while being over the place inspired and writing nonsense. 

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