četrtek, 21. februar 2019

T O - G E T - H E R

My family is strange. Let's start at that. 

I am the head of the family. Haha. I wish. My bunny Mango is the main leader of the pack and we are all not so secretly afraid of him and obey his will. Then it is Nejc and me and Thor and Orca. We are what my grandparents would call a hipster kind of family, those damn youngsters, practically the generation that elders hate on. We consider Mango, Thor and Orca as family members and sometimes even go as far as calling them babies. Not intending to make them equal or more to human babies, but to us they are. And when I call them babies, people think I am talking about my kids. Oh well. 

The point is Thor and Orca aren't just family dogs. They are family members. They are never below us, the only difference between us is that they kinda have to obey us (like I have to obey my mother). When we were looking for Orca (Thor too) we did never think we are buying just a dog. For me it was getting a puppy that will spend all the time with me. Someone that will go on long walks with me, train agility with me, play frisbee, watch movies with me, let me be her cuddle buddy, camp and hike the mountains together, be my sous-chef, go to seaside with me and swim the ocean and explore countries with me. My partner in crimes. My best friend. Soulmate. You get the point. I wasn't just searching for someone that will greet me with a wagging tail when I get home from college. I didn't seek for just a dog. 

I guess that they mean more to me. Let me rephrase that. They mean everything to me. They are family.

There is nothing I wouldn't do for them. And they are so loved, beyond words. It is so unimaginable to me that anyone would get ''rid of'' their pets. Like I can't imagine that ever. I was talking with friends about that a few days back about how many people adopt a dog and return it or give them for adoption or anything like that. Even if my dogs were complete BRATS (they are really not, well haha, Thor is really annoying with his farting and burping and Orca screams higher than Tasmanian devil and Mango is a beast), I can't see that e v e r happening. No matter the situation. I work so my dogs can have better lives. Because they saved me in so many ways and no matter how hardI try I will never give them as much as they give me everyday. I can just hope I give them the best life possible.

And I know people think I am overly dramatic and protective and annoying. I know many of you think that, I realise that. And I guess you look at me the same way as I look at people that have profile picture with their John Deer tractor on Facebook. Joke aside, I guess my point is: you have to take me as I am. My dogs mean everything to me and if you invite me to get coffee and expect me to come without them, well, I am not a friend for you. And if you think I will cancel my playtime with them to hangout with you... it is not happening. You are invited to join our playtime. I am the happiest when they are with me. And I know there is always that one annoying friend that will ask me ''if you could choose between your boyfriend or your dogs, who would you chose???'' Let me tell you first of all you are an idiot. I am not choosing. We are all a part of a family. I don't need anything else as long as we are all together.

My life mission is to give them a life they deserve and if that means training all the time or cuddling all the time, I don't mind doing either of those things. I prefer the good old middle with a big sprinkle of adventures, but I am adaptable. My dogs are so spoilt. I love it. But that is us - together. A crazy family. No one is more important and dogs are super spoilt and nice. We will forever be family.

Just adding this up real quick: 
The most ridiculous questions ever are
''Would you give your dogs away if you ever got pregnant and have human babies?''
''Would you give your dogs away if you all of a sudden got allergies?''
''Would you give your dogs away if you would move away?''
and similar questions. NO, what the heck. Them > everything! Forever & ever!

My favourite quote is If you ever leave me I am coming with you.

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