nedelja, 24. marec 2019

Can I get a puppy from Orca?

Orca is very sweet and cute. Everyone loves her and I get it. If I saw her on the street I would really be interested in her too. Because she is for one a Toller pup and there are not many Tollers out here and two she is a really freakishly cute small beast. That is why I get asked a lot.
"Will you have puppies with her?"

I didn't get her for breeding. That is a fact. Orca is my adventure freak, travel buddy, training companion, my bundle of joy. Her character is beyond words and it is really hard and really fun to train her to be like I want her to be. But when I was thinking of getting her, it was for all the things she is, not necessarily for breeding. And that is why having puppies with her is on the back of my mind still. 

I've done a lot of research and I think I know my fair share of Toller genetics, since last two months I've done nothing smart in school, but do my research. It is not because I want puppies, but because one day if I want pups I want to be educated on it. And I don't want to do retrieving because one day I want puppies, but because I want to do retrieving. 

What does breeding mean to me?
It doesn't mean me wanting puppies. It is hard to explain that one. I don't want to be selfish in this case and breed Orca because I wanted mini Orcas. And trust me I want mini Orcas. A hundred Orcas would not be enough, she is this perfect. That is why it is hard to explain, why I never want to be selfish when I explain what breeding is to me. No matter how perfect Orca is to me and to my friends and strangers I meet, I would only breed Orca if she fits the standards, if it would improve the breed, and that itself only. I want to do it right. And now she is still just a pup. My little young lady. I want to work on making Tollers even greater, not breed because ''I want pups''. 

And I know the perfect place to get more Orcas, and they know even more than me and they want the same things. 

And if I think about it, it would be so hard to let go of puppies. I can't imagine what it must be like to give them away to their new home, I would probably cry a lot and end up keeping more than I should. And finding a perfect home sounds so hard. Because all I want for all the dogs in the world is to get a perfect spot in the family and live the carefree days and be treated like the legends that they are! Dogs don't deserve humans, and that is why they just deserve to be loved and treated right. 

The problem is that I could write all day about this, but the point is I am not there yet. I wanted to write this down for everyone asking me and share how I feel. Orca is so young and we have a whole lifetime ahead. I keep it in mind, guys, but right now, we are focusing on adventures, fun and cuddles, summer swimming, camping, retrieving, training and just living life to the fullest! In the end, Orca always comes first.

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