četrtek, 14. marec 2019

Family Adventure Plan

Summer. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Don't get me too excited. We made plans, that are so badass and fun I will explode from excitement. I don't think there was ever the time I was so organised to plan my Summer, because for the longest of time I worked through Summer to pay my cost for the next school year. Which I will still have to do, but I decided I don't just want to spend my days working, this year I am not returning to my old job, but I am actually going to find a photography job. And I just got my first photography internship! Huurrraayy! I am so excited for that as well.

But lets start at the beginning. Let me tell you about my plans.


This is definitely the biggest challenge for me, but I am actually willing to do retrieving with Orca, because I think lately I haven't done enough of my 'yes' moments. And I would actually like to turn my 'YES-es' into 'I'M WILLING TO TRY/LEARN'. And I would like to pass a retrieving tests with her, because it is what she is good at and she enjoys it. If for nothing, it is for her.

We are going camping this year. Our plan is to rent a tent from my parents and grab some badass dog gear and just go hiking the mountains. Orca will be old enough that she will easily hike the mountains without me concerning for her health and our two main goals are definitely:
䷹ Krnsko jezero
Other destinations are still left unplanned and it is really exciting because I never camped before in my life. In my garden with Thor I did, but never for real. And I've heard it is really cold at night in Bovec (where we are going to camp), so it is going to be a challenge for me. But I am excited for that the most.

This is probably my favourite thing to do in Summer time. Thor, despite his unexplained fear for water, loves supping. And I can't wait to bring Orca with us this year. Will have to consider buying a life jacket for her as well and I am actually thinking about buying her a shark funny one from some cheap site because that cracks me up and it works just as good as I've heard. Ruffwear doesn't fit Thor well because he is a boxer. And I plan to take more GoPro shots this year, because I just let it sit at home and I would like to change that.

That are my ''firm'' plans for this Summer. I am sure they are not the only things we will do, because believe me, we are going to sea side this year. And we are spending May and July on the beach anyway.

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