ponedeljek, 06. maj 2019

Come and get your love

Got the question a few weeks ago to describe my perfect guy. And I'll admit, I thought about it. A lot. I think too much sometimes, it's not good for me. But I don't usually like to think about girly things. I like to play video games, watch movies and spend time with dogs and take photos. 

But for starters, I don't like perfect things and I am 99 % sure there is no such thing as a perfect human, I guess I will try to explain what I look for in a guy. 

Must love dogs: That is the number one thing I look for in people. Because I spend such a considerable amounts of my time with dogs and I don't intend to limit that time. I think I always got lucky when it comes to others loving my dogs. The two rockets are hard not to love. 

Must be funny: Honestly, it is weird to say this out loud but I never looked for anyone skinny or fit or anything specific. My friends are always like I want someone with brown eyes and a hot body and taller. If anything I prefer the other way around - I really like 'different' and I always get my eyes on someone unusual. But I love people that are funny. I am really kinda shy when I first get thrown into situations and I like someone to make me laugh because then I can relax easier. And show my true creepy self. I live for laughs honestly. The biggest flaw I think I have is I never take anything seriously. 

Must watch and play everything I command him to: DC, Marvel, HIMYM, GIRLS, Narcos, Inception, A Long Ways Down, Need For Speed, horror movies, Call of Duty, Game of Thrones, Killing Eve and many more. Because that is what I am talking about 50 % of the time. The other 50 % is about Thor and Orca.

As girly as this is going to sound, he must be adventurous: I love walks and hikes, I love road trips, I like deciding in a spare of the moment to do something or go somewhere and I don't like it if anyone is pushing me down when it comes to being crazy. 

I think those are the only 4 things that I will even think of. I am sorry I am not girly enough to keep a database of guys and their features. But I think the problem about this whole 'ideal boyfriend' thingy is that I don't necessarily look for somebody who would fit the 4 things described.

My ideal human is someone who will fit. Who will be my best friend and will be able to even handle me, because sometimes I can't even handle myself. I got lucky. But I want someone who will sing with me to car radio and will carry me when I am tired and dying , tag me to memes and will listen to me complaining about my pain and will think I am the best person in the world. Someone who will go to hospital appointments with me lmao khm, that is my number one wish. And watch LPD with me every Friday and drink wine on a porch and gossip about neighbourhood dog owners. Like I just want someone cool. Not perfect; someone independent that will still have his own life but will never forget that home is a place to come back to because I am there. And Thor and Orca. 

But I am pretty sure anyone who wouldn't return me to my mom after a 24-hour trial would qualify. Thank god I am so lucky!

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