sreda, 05. junij 2019

I don't call myself a feminist.

I don't call myself a feminist, because most men and women will think I am one of those crazy girls they saw on the news once, screaming things that don't even make sense. But I am a strong believer that both males and females (and others) should be treated fairly equal. See, I am not asking for girls to be able to do things most men are good at if they aren't good at them. I am not asking for you to say "men should experience pregnancies and periods". That is absurd. I am just asking and believing that both genders can understand one another, and then in response be equal.

It saddens me that a lot of people don't understand or even try to understand the opposite sex. We all have it hard and easy. We take sides and defend ourselves. Girls expecting guys to ask them out first, to text them first, they want them to have a lot of money, a nice car and to treat them like princesses without doing that in return. On top of that, they take pride if a man calls them hard to control, hard to deal with. And men, looking for a type like "cute, but psychopath". That scares me. Because my mom taught me to treat a man with respect and seek for that respect everywhere I go. I don't want to raise all seven hells for somebody I love because I am a psychopath.

We had to write a paper on our ideal boyfriend/girlfriend. They even said "don't leave out any details, write about the height, hair, eyes, clothes, characteristics... The more details, the better." And I sat in front of my computer and wondered what on earth is my ideal guy. All I could write was:

"I want someone, who will be able to talk things through with me when we disagree and will want to spend time with me. BONUS points: it helps if he considers me as the best person in the world and sends me memes, but no pressure."

When we had to read that, it felt like everyone wrote car ads. Let's just say that the teacher didn't appreciate my almost empty paper, which is absurd if you ask me. But I don't think my dream guy should have a head full of curls, brown eyes or wear certain clothes. I am just looking for someone I will enjoy spending time with and they will enjoy spending time with me. And I get particularly sick when girls wrote that they are looking for a rich guy. It is a joke. If you want money, earn it. If you want a nice house or a nice car, get it yourself. I am not done, the number one thing guys wrote was skinny. Please. I get that you have to be visually attracted to someone, but number one thing - skinny?!

Maybe it is just me, but do people have weird priorities. Imagine what would happen if boys wrote that same paper with the same words girls chose to describe them and girls wrote "skinny" and "cute phycho". Everyone would be offended.

The one thing I wanted to talk about is being equal. Equal work, equal paycheck. Female judges, Male chefs. The worst thing you could do is bring somebody down based on gender. Think!

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