ponedeljek, 15. julij 2019

people pretend you are a bad person so they don't feel guilty for the things they did to you.

I am a total textbook person and you won't need any manuals with me to figure out what I think and how I feel and what I want because I will tell you and I will show you. You will get a very clear notice. That is a very cool thing feature I have, I think. I live a simple life and I can't stand drama. If you do me wrong I will let you know and I will try my best to fix the situation and there are not many bad things in the world you could do to make me hate you for real. But if someone wants to deliberately hurt me, that stuff hurts me the most. I can deal with accidents and mistakes, but don't hurt me on purpose.

Because I have too much dignity to hurt people back. It can't be done, it doesn't feel right and I don't have it in me. On the other hand I have no problem of removing anyone from my life. I will lose your number and block you from all social media. I call it 'cleansing'. It is hard for a second, to click on that button. It is hard to delete what I cared about so much for so long. But once I do it, I don't feel sad anymore. Because if I do that, this is it. I don't want you in my life anymore. And I won't create fake profiles to stalk you. I won't have the need to. Sometimes I think to myself that it is cold and that I can't feel as much as others, but I quickly realise how awesome it is to be loved by me (and I mean friendships more than relationships) because man, I love big.

Once you are out of my life, I am pretty sure there is no way back in. And no sneaky business will help you here. You can pretend I am a bad person all you want, if that will help you feel less guilty for the things you've done, I don't mind. But just know I have you all figured out. And you can cause all the drama and I won't move a muscle. Because like I said. Once you are out, you are out for real. But just know that what you decide to do, you are always doing it to yourself. If you are doing bad things to hurt others, you are actually going to end up hurt. And if you do good things, it is good for the soul at least. If that makes sense.

That is why it is so important that you loose all the negativity and live as simple as you can. It is good for the soul. I know for sure most of the toxic people from my life are long gone and ever since I felt my true self.

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