četrtek, 22. avgust 2019

Take one box a day.

One of my dear passions is bullet journaling. Over the years I've had countless notebooks, journals, to do notebooks, little notepads and similar kind of papery devices. It helps me stay organised, but above all else, I write down my everyday adventures in it that I want to remember, it makes me happy. This one has a lot of pictures in it and plans and notes. And it is not really a secret that lately I've not been the best. Mentally. Physically I've actually been thriving.

I don't feel the best when I am in Mengeš. Deep down I don't like accepting it as my home. I don't have a daily routine or goals here. I just come here to let the three months pass and I can't wait to go back to Koper. It sounds sad, but I like my life by the sea more than anything else. One more good month to go and then I am going back.

But it has been hard. I work hard to stay happy every day and not to be a downer for everyone else around me. Because I know I can be a pain in the ass. Nevertheless, I created this idea that I called 'take one box a day'.

It is basically me planning every day in my bullet journal and then taking one box of problems a day. Today I am actually taking two, because I am brave and dramatic. But I think it is so important for my state of mind that I don't take too much upon myself, when I am feeling this low. So, every problem I solve gives me a weird satisfaction to know I am actually okay and that life is not really that hard. Because life really isn't that hard for me and I acknowledge that. Sometimes I get lost because location is a huge factor for me. It has always been a huge factor, since I moved like 13 times already in 23 years of my life.

So, like I strongly suggest that if you are waging war in your head sometimes, like I do, that you don't  wage it yourself. Talk and write. Writing for me, makes all the difference in the world. And maybe try the 'take one box a day' challenge if you think it might help. I think the hardest part in life is to rebuild yourself, it takes a strong person.

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