četrtek, 05. september 2019

Chasing Orca

The idea behind Chasing Orca was born a year ago, when I created a profile on Instagram called @chasing_orca. It was a simple idea to have a profile specifically made to show you life of my puppy Orca. Soon after I realised I like taking the same style of pictures in different places and I actually saw that my blog was full of similar photos. I was thinking a lot about this. Is it a good idea? How do I make it work? And then I just said "fuck it" and did it.

The support I received was absolutely amazing. Just in two days I gained almost 200 new followers on Instagram and went from 120 to more than 300! I've never experienced anything quite like that. I got my photos shared all over WEheartIT and met a few lovely people.


To be honest I am so pumped and so excited to work on this. I don't think I've ever been so driven to do something like this in my life. In the end it is all for my dogs. Everything I do it is for them.

The whole concept was born from the idea to show my dogs the world. And they have already seen so much of it. I dare to say almost as much as I did. I live by these wise words:


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