petek, 25. oktober 2019

It is happening

Many of you already know that my dogs became Red Dingo Ambassadors and at times I can't even comprehend that. Red Dingo is an amazing brand that creates dog gear and they do it with style. They are known by their recognisable Buckle Bone and I've been using their gear for years.

The fact that Thor and Orca are now officially a small part of that world is out of this world. We are currently working on a project and it is actually exciting. It means more road trips and adventures and just hanging out with friends more.

Since we have a very busy schedule and plans, I decided to share a few cute photos every day. It is like you are there with me then and get to enjoy some of my adventures.

If you want to follow our adventures, make sure you follow me @epremk and @dapper_pets on Instagram. ♥ And if you want to follow this Vizsla cuttie, you can follow her at @spiritofhuntingvizsla.

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