nedelja, 15. marec 2020

🎀 grab me by the ribbons in my hair

Something about this weather made the kids go crazy.
I'll be lying if I said I wasn't sick of it.

Life is rocky, ain't it? We meet again. This time because I am fully quarantined for days, could say weeks and I have nothing to do, practically nothing to say as well, but better to say something than going completely crazy.
This coronavirus wasn't meant for people like me, who deal with autoimmune disease and actually ARE NOT ALLOWED to get sick, because it can cause us a lot more damage. And it is the right thing to do. I wouldn't want to be the one person, who passed it on to more people.

The unfortunate thing is, that Markovec City aka Narkovec (where I live) doesn't have any forest ground or any paths I could take, that weren't filled with people. Just a week ago, when we went for a walk to the only foresty looking path here, Orkid almost stepped on a needle that was on the ground, so I panicked and grabbed her and ran out. So, we are depending on our garden and frisbee trainings. I wanted to play some fun nose games, but we have a garden full of tortoises and that seemed like a bad idea, because Thor is clumsy and Orca is scared of them.

I am more on a social side of the scale and being inside 247 is slowly giving me an anxiety. And what  have I taught you over the years? When things are hard, write it out. I am so proud of that. Listen to me kids, I could just open online courses now that Corona is taking its toll on us and give you pro tips like that. Obviously I am overqualified.

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