"Living life just like I should, wouldn't change it f I could, I'm good, I'm good, I'm good..."

Hello everybody, welcome!

My name is Eva and I come from a small country called Slovenia. I've been blogging since 2012 and I don't think I have a certain theme or subject I like to write about, just anything that comes to mind. I am passionate about dogs, writing, photography and just being creative. 

I am your typical girl that has big plans and goals, but gets stuck sometimes. Hey, don't judge me, trying my very best here.

Also trying my very best to respond on every comment, email, dm I get, but be patient with me, I tend to forget about things. If you want to send me products please send me an e-mail here first - evapremkmonroe@gmail.com and if you send me a letter and want me to respond make sure you add a stamp with it, so I can reply. (Eva Premk, Koblarjeva ulica 14, 1234 Mengeš, Slovenia). 

My life is all sorts of messy and out of any order, like my personality. I am the girl that wears her yellow rainy jacket all year around an listens to songs with an extra unnecessary rain effect in the background. There is no chance in the world you will meet me outside without my dogs Thor (German Boxer) & Orca (Toller). They mean more than the world to me and I will know I made it in this world, when I will be able to take them with me to work. I study Media by the sea and I live with my roommate Nejc. I am extremely passionate about saving captive Orcas and don't ask why, I just am and when I will be a millionaire I will spend ALL my money on saving them. If you were wondering why this blog is also called Eva Premk Monroe, it is a nickname I gave myself when I was 10 years old and it got stuck with me, so everybody knows me by that name as well. My ex boyfriend of some years was actually really convinced my surname was for sure Monroe and got shocked, when I showed him my ID. Fun story.

Fire Meet Gasoline is a blog with a soul. I write everything here: happy thoughts, advice, dogs related topics, sad thoughts, announcements, fashion, products I am testing, practically all you can think about... When people ask me why the name Fire Meet Gasoline and if it is from a Sia song, the answer is I really don't know if it is from that song, but I thought I was being original. The meaning behind the name is, I am messy and whenever I attend to fix anything that is happening to me it gives the same effect as if you were to put gasoline on fire to make it stop from burning. It just creates a bigger fire, if not explosion. But I like it. 

I hope you enjoy your stay here and we get to become best friends.

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